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              Intellectual property legal service is animportant component of Shu Jin. All the lawyers of Shu Jin's intellectualproperty team have solid legal knowledge and cross-industry workingbackgrounds, professional scientific and technological knowledge, patent agentcapacities, career backgrounds of TMT, Internet, manufacture, science andtechnology industries. 

              Our members are good at offering legal service plans,which is ultimately and creatively to solve the complicated intellectualproperty litigation that clients face and help them to maximize the value ofintellectual property.

              Shu Jin’s practicing fields in this areainclude copyright, right related to computer software, brand, patent andcommercial secret as well as cases involving unfair competition.

              Our Services

              ? Planning strategy for maintaining enterprises’ patents, monitoring status quo of relevant patentsand FTO

              ? Enterprise trademark’s application, strategyand monitoring

              ? Disputes or lawsuits related topatent, trademark and copyright

              ? Compliance management of businesssecrets

              ? Litigation of business secret

              ? Design for the company's overallintellectual property organization structure

              ? Lawsuit of unfair competitioninvolved in daily business

              ? Legal Issues regarding frontiertechnologies like network-related law, block-chain, etc