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              Shu Jin possesses professional lawyer teamfor labor and social insurance. For years, it has accumulated rich experiencein handling relevant legal affairs in the process of providing its clients athome and abroad with relevant legal services. It is not only good at assistingits clients in setting up labor and HR management system and handling the dailylegal affairs but also capable of handling labor legal affairs and labordisputes related to the complicated commercial transaction. It is particularlygood at handling the legal businesses in labor and social insurance related toforeign investment enterprises.

               Our Services in Labor:

              • ? Drafting, revision and review of labor contract;
              • ? Drafting, revision and review of rules and regulations of employersand rules and regulations, and employee manual;
              • ? Assisting employers in setting up sound personnel system;
              • ?Formulating confidential system and noncompetition- system foremployers, and drafting confidential agreement and non-competition agreement;
              • ? Assisting employers in labor contract signing, dissolution and renewaland the termination of labor contract;
              • ? Handling the labor disputes and litigation between employers andemployees.