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              Real Estate &Construction

              Real estate and construction is one of ShuJin's main practicing areas. Our real estate team is familiar with the entireoperation processes and legal practices of various types of land preparation,real estate development, and urban renewal projects. It has provided legal services for a number of well-known real estate developers in related to land(project company) acquisition, real estate project development and construction, commercial property sales and leasing, mergers and acquisitions of real estate projects, financing, and property management.

              We have actively participated in a number ofurban renewal/renovation projects in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. In recent years,we have provided full legal services for various types of renewal projects(cooperative development, urban village, industrial to industrial transformation, industrial to business transformation, industrial toresidential transformation, etc.) in Shenzhen.

              Our Services

              ? Perennial legal advisory services for real estate development companies

              Full-courselegal advisory services for various types of real estate development projects, including project cooperation models, cooperation conditions, cooperation risk analysis and recommendations, full-course legal advisory services during theconstruction process, special legal consultants for property leasing, sales andproperty management

              Transaction structure design and various transaction arrangements of equity merger,reorganization and other project cooperation for real estate development enterprise

              Legal advisoryservices for urban renewal projects, including legal due diligence, pre-project preparation, planning and approval, implementation and operation

              Specific legal advisory services for the transfer of land use rights, including acquisition of land use rights through bidding, auction, and cooperative development of real estate projects

              Various typesof financing for real estate companies and projects, the establishment and management of real estate private equity funds, etc.

              Prevention and dispute handling of real estate project disputes